Kitesurfing schools in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has become very recently in one of the best kitesurfing top destinations in the world. The main kitesurfing spot is located in the Kalpitiya lagoon, where many kitesurfing schools teach kite every day.  Are you planning to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka? What should you consider about kite schools in Sri Lanka? Where is the main teaching area in KAlpitiya?  The main spot for learning and for progressing in kitesurfing is the Kalpitiya lagoon.  In the beach of Kalpitiya lagoon there are many kitesurfing schools. These kite schools will teach you the best kitesurfing techniques and  once you know how to ride properly, you will be able to kite in any other spots in the world. Many professional IKO instructors will take care of your safety when learning this extreme sport. Learning kitesurfing in Sri Lanka has never been so easy o not think anymore, come to Kalpitiya for a kitesurfing holidays and learn kitesurfing with the best